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Meet the best LOR meta decks start your competitive path in this new TCG!

Lorcana Meta Decks

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Lorcana Deck Tier List

Our Tier List is based on Rank Victory ratios on Pixelborn, in addition to large tournaments with public results and Deck profiles of local tournaments on YouTube.

Decklists by Character's

Lorcana Best Decks

On this website you will find competitive lorcana deck ideas.

Top 10 Lorcana Decks

  1. Amethyst / Ruby
  2. Amber / Steel
  3. Amber / Emerald
  4. Sapphire / Steel
  5. Amber / Amethyst
  6. Emerald / Steel
  7. Amethyst / Emerald
  8. Ruby / Sapphire
  9. Emerald / Ruby
  10. Amethyst / Steel

It is not yet known when or how often the format will change, but rest assured that we will update the Top Tier of the best decks in Lorcanna.

Lorcana Metagame

The deck profiles that we show at Lorkanos.com are a set of meilleurs competitive decks that we have compiled through different Lorecana websites and popular decks.

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