Ursula - Power Ungry

Ursula - The First Chapter card effect

Card Details

[It's Too Easy!] When you play this character, each opponent loses 1 lore. You may draw a card for each 1 lore lost this way.

  • Rarity:Legendary
  • Number:59/204
  • Property:Little Mermaid
  • Cost (Ink):7
  • Character Version:Power Hungry
  • Ink Type:Amethyst
  • Card Type:Character
  • Subtypes:Storyborn;Villain;Sorcerer
  • Strength:2
  • Willpower:8
  • Lore Value:3
  • Flavor Text:The first Rule of Villainy: If you're going to be evil, you've got to have style.
  • Artist:Simangaliso Sibaya

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