Lorcana Basic Rules

  • Need a deck with 60 cards.
lorcana deck

The official rules indicate that each player's deck must contain 60 cards, neither more nor less.

  • You win when you get 20 "Lores".
win game 20 lores

As we mentioned in our How to play guide, the game ends when one of the 2 players manages to reach 20 Lore points.

In addition, another rule is that if one of the players runs out of deck cards, they automatically lose.

  • There are 4 types of cards (Character, Items, Actions, Songs).
  • Those cards can be of different colors.
lorcana 60 card deck

Yellow = Amber
Green = Amethyst
Blue = Emerald
Red = Ruby
Purple = Sapphire
Grey = Steel

  • You can only a maximum of 2 (Types of Colors of cards) in your Deck.

As you can see in the first deck (Emerald/Ruby) above and in this one below (Emerald/Steel), each deck is made up of 2 colors.

lorcana deck blue/grey
  • You may use up to 4 copies of the same card in your deck.
  • What Are Ready and Exerted Cards?

{E} =

= Exerted

Some game rules and card effects require you to exert or {E} a card in play. To exert a card (or {E}), turn it sideways.

Once a card is exerted, you can’t exert it again until it’s been readied by a game rule or card effect. To ready a card, simply turn it back upright. Remember to ready all your exerted cards at the beginning of your turn.

Lorcana Rulebook

Download and view the Lorcana rulebook from HERE.

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