Parts of a CARD in Lorcana TCG

All Lorcana cards share similarities, we show you the meaning of each one of them.
Know here the 4 types of cards.

Lorcana card anatomy

Parts of a CARD in Lorcana TCG rules

Generic Characteristics of a Lorcana Card

  • Cost
  • Inkwell Icon
  • Name
  • Classifications
  • Ink
  • Abilities and Effects
  • Strenght
  • Willpower
  • Lore Value

Cost: How much ink the card costs to play.

Inkwell Icon: Cards with around the cost hexagon can be put into your inkwell to use as ink.

Name: Characters also have a version name listed below
the character’s name.

Classifications: Categories sometimes referenced in card rules (such as “Broom” in this example).

Ink: This symbol and the colored band behind the card name indicate the card’s ink type.

Abilities and Effects: The card’s special rules. On actions, these are called effects. On characters and items, most abilities have a story-based name. Especially common abilities instead use bolded keywords (like “Rush” in the example below)

Strenght: How much damage the character deals during a challenge

Willpower: How much damage it takes to banish the character from play

Lore Value: How much lore you gain when the character quests.

If you want to know other decks that use these Ink's: How to play.

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