How to play #3 Character Actions

In this chapter #3 of our guide on how to play lorcana TCG, we will teach you the actions you can do with the characters.

  • Quest.
  • Challenge an opponent’s exerted character.
  • Use an ability that requires them to exert.

What is a Quest in Disney Lorcana?

Quest is when you make a character go into Exert mode and gain Lore equal to the number on the card.

character card

What is Challenging in Disney Lorcana?

Challenge is the action of "attacking/challenging" an opponent's character in Exert position.

There are characters that have special Skills or effects, which allow you to challenge a type of character.

robin hood card lorcana

The Robin Hood Character (pictured above), for example, has a keyword called Evasive. With that ability, during that player’s turn while that keyword is active Robin Hood can only Challenge other Characters with Evasive.

More Challenge Information!

Use an ability that requires them to exert.

Abilities will have an effect on the cards that are on the battlefield, or in play, according to Ravensburger. Special abilities may target cards that aren’t in play, like cards within the Inkwell, the discard pile, or in a player’s deck. But most abilities coincide with Lorcana cards that are already in play. 

Unless otherwise specified, abilities can only get used once per turn. And some abilities, like Dragon Fire on Maleficent, can only get used once upon entering play, and don’t have the option to use it again. 

Ability costs

Some Disney Lorcana Items and Character cards have an ability with a cost. The most common costs require a player to Exert their card or pay an Ink cost, similar to casting a card onto the battlefield. All costs must be paid if required in order for the ability to activate. 

dinglehopper card

The cost of Straighten Hair on Dinglehopper, for example, is to Exert or tap the card while it is in play to have the ability to remove up to one damage from a chosen Character. 

Learn how to apply each of the previous actions in chapter #4. 👇

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