How to play #1: What you need to know before the first turn

This is chapter #1 of our guide on how to play Lorcana TCG.

#1 Know the types of cards (here), their parts (here) and basic Rules (here)

#2 Your deck made up of 60 cards of different types and a maximum of 2 different colors.

lorcana decks
Starter Decks Lorcana

#3 Shuffle your deck and split it to your opponent.

#4 Place your "Lore" marker at 0. (It can be a 20-sided die/ Counter App).

 20-sided dice

#5 Draw 7 cards for your starting hand. You can look at the cards in your hand. Alter your starting hand if you choose (how? see below).

What is Altering Your Starting Hand?

Before the game begins, each player can alter their starting hand one time, beginning with the first player.
(Usually, a player does this if they don’t have very many cards with inkwell icons on them or if too many of their cards have a high cost.)

To do this, put any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your deck without revealing them, then draw cards until your hand has 7 cards again. Finally, reshuffle your deck.

#6 Determine the first player by flipping a coin, rolling a die.

flipping a coin
rolling a die

You are ready to start your first turn!
Now continue with our chapter #2 πŸ‘‡

If you want to know other decks that use these Ink's: How to play.

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